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Issue Number 21 - May 2017

  • Groups take legal action over delayed standards
  • The Niagara Falls of water savings - efficiency standards
  • State of the states
  • Companies fined $1 million for violations of CA efficiency regulations
  • DOE update
  • Standards around the world
  • ASAP website now mobile-friendly

Issue Number 20 - October 2016

  • "Next Generation" report shows enormous potential for appliance standards
  • Reality for TVs: some manufacturers taking advantage of testing loopholes
  • DOE takes major step forward in advancing new furnace efficiency standards
  • The lighting revolution marches on
  • Industry and efficiency proponents agree on big efficiency gains for pool pumps
  • Standards proposed for cooking products and walk-in coolers
  • Increase in sales of "rough service" incandescent bulbs will trigger DOE action
  • State update: computers and monitors get screen time in CA

Issue Number 19 - May 2016

  • Appliance standards by the numbers
  • The lighting (r)evolution marches on
  • Which one of these is not like the other?
  • Proposed standards for portable air conditioners falls short
  • California computers not idling
  • Neighbors to the north aligning with US
  • Updates on home AC, wine chillers, and rechargeable devices

Issue Number 18 - December 2015

  • Research paper finds mismatch between expectations and observations
  • New regional enforcement plan for central AC
  • DOE fines 17 companies for non-certification
  • No 'Roomba' for inefficient vacuums in CA
  • Ultra-High Def TVs not all ultra efficient
  • A+ grade for standards and labeling worldwide
  • Standards around the globe
  • Fun Facts: How well do you know your home appliances?

Issue Number 17 - June 2015

  • Why are so many people spending so much time together at DOE?
  • NRDC paper provides fascinating peek at our digital lives
  • Moving one step closer to efficient furnaces
  • What basement energy hog uses more energy than a refrigerator?
  • Members of Congress trying to turn the clock back on energy efficiency
  • Remember when light bulbs were just for lighting?
  • Hot food, less energy waste for gas & electric ovens
  • Fun Facts: National energy legislation

Issue Number 16 - January 2015

  • 2014 Goes Out with a Bang (an Efficient Bang!)
  • Working Group Pumps Out Pumps Recommendations
  • Keeping Tabs on Compliance Dates
  • Big Savings Across the 'Pond'
  • Got Rooftop Air Conditioning?
  • Fun Facts: Electric Motors

Issue Number 15 - July 2014

  • DOE makes is Six for Six with Furnace Fans
  • $60 Billion Year for Standards
  • New Standards for Electric Motors
  • Working Group to Tackle Regional Enforcement
  • Will Dryer Use Finally Tumble?
  • Fun Facts: Water Sense

Issue Number 14 - March 2014

  • DOE: Three Months - Three Standards
  • April Showers Will Bring...More DOE Standards
  • Phase Out Doesn't Phase Consumers
  • CFA Report Shows 500% Increase in Digital Device Energy Use
  • Fun Facts: Cities with Highest Per Capita Sales of CFLs and LEDs

Special Edition - January 2014

  • Top Quotes of the Year

Issue Number 13 - December 2013

  • DOE issued an Average of One Standard Per Month Since August
  • Getting Revved Up about Electric Motor Standards
  • President Obama's Lofty Goals for Appliance Standards
  • When the Lights Went Out on Superbowl LXVII
  • Choices Abound as Inefficient Bulbs Are Phased Out

Issue Number 12- July 2013

  • Coming Soon To a Telephone Pole Near You
  • Garlic, Standards, and Vampire Energy Waste
  • California Preps For New Rulemaking
  • State of the States
  • Down The Regulatory Rabbit-Hole
  • Power-Hungry Devices
  • Fun Facts: How Many Dollars and Power Plants Does it Take to Run Our Modems and Routers?

Special Issue: New Report - May 2013

  • Better Appliances: An Analysis of Performance, Features and Price as Efficiency Has Improved
  • Data-Based Assessment of Efficiency Standards Finds Consumers Save More Than Energy Savings
  • Hidden Gems

Issue Number 11 - March 2013

  • Not-So-Happy Anniversary for Products Frozen at OMB
  • A Chilling Settlement for Long-Overdue Furnace Standards
  • Great Reports Think Alike
  • Ducks in a Row for Energy Bill
  • Midea Pays Fine
  • What's an ASRAC?
  • Fun Facts: Match Electronics With Cost to Operate

The Best of 2012 - January 2013

  • ASAP's Inaugural Blog

E-Brief - November 2012

  • What Would Reagan Do? Cass Sunstein NYTimes Op-Ed

Issue Number 10 - September 2012

  • Motors Geared Up for Savings
  • Critical Battery Charger Decision
  • Transformer Decision Awaited
  • Washers & Dishwashers Loaded Up with Savings
  • OMB Backlog Continues
  • FTC Maps Out New Regional Labeling
  • California Moving Ahead
  • Fun Facts: Average Household Energy Use Up or Down?

Special Issue: New Report - March 8, 2012

  • New Report Shows Huge Savings
  • Cashing in on the Savings from Appliance Standards
  • Top Ten Energy Savers
  • Product Discussions
  • State Standards
  • Fun Facts: How Much Water Saved from Clothes Washer Standards?

Issue Number 9 - February 2012

  • DOE Standards: Ballasts, Microwaves, Transformers
  • A First for DOE - Regional Standards
  • Standards Backlog at OMB
  • Enforcement Activity Continues
  • A Bright Start to the Year
  • California: Big Energy Savings Come in Little Boxes
  • Set-Top Boxes
  • Fun Facts: How Many Battery Chargers in the U.S.?

Issue Number 8 - September 2011

  • New Refrigerator Standards the 'Coolest' Yet
  • More Cool Savings
  • California Scopes Out the Next Energy Savers
  • Pumps, Hoods, Blowers, What???
  • What's Up at DOE?
  • State of the States
  • Fun Facts: How Many Cable Boxes in the U.S.?
  • More Fun Facts: Water Waste

Issue Number 7 - March 2011

  • Lighting a Hot Topic
  • Myths and Reality
  • See the Light! Visual Primer on Lighting Choices
  • Watt's a Lumen???
  • Fun Facts: Consumers Like the Lighting Alternatives
  • Fact Sheets

Issue Number 6 - October 2010

  • An 'Agreeable' Year for Appliance Standards
  • Enforcement: An End to 35 Years of Inaction
  • New Lables to Bring Information to Light!
  • Why Care About Test Procedures?
  • DOE Update
  • TV Standards Official in CA
  • Fun Fact: Cooking with Incandescents

Special E-Brief - September 2010

  • White Goods Turn a New Shade of Green - New Agreement Between Efficiency Advocates and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) for Six Major Home Appliances: Clothes Washers, Dishwashers, Dryers, Refigerators, Freezers, and Room Air Conditioners

Issue Number 5 - April 2010

  • New Water Heater Standards
  • DOE says "Follow the Rules"
  • Federal Legislation: Appliance Standards in the Senate
  • DOE Update - Refrigerators, Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts, Small Motors, Dryers and Air Conditioners, Commercial Clothes Washers
  • States - 6 States Propose Bills
  • Fun Facts: Pay Only When You Play - Turn the Game Consoles Off!

Issue Number 4 - November 2009

  • California Makes TV Efficiency a Reality
  • Historic Agreement on HVAC Systems
  • DOE Rescinds Obsolete TV Method
  • Busy Times at DOE
  • Massachusetts Heats Up the Action
  • Court Orders DOE to Reconsider California's Clothes Washer Standards
  • Washington State Sets New Standards

Issue Number 3 - August 2009

  • President Obama Announces New Lighting Standards
  • Ka-Boom Report Released
  • Up Next: Water Heaters and Commercial Clothes Washers
  • Arizona Passes State Standards
  • Rulemaking 101

Issue Number 2 - February 2009

  • Appliance Standards Move Into the Limelight

Issue Number 1 - December 2008

  • Upcoming Fluorescent Tube and Incandescent Reflector Lamp Rulemaking
  • Department of Energy Scheduled to Set 25 Appliance Standards in 3 Years
  • Cooking Products and Commercial Clothes Washers
  • Fun Fact: Are There More TVs or People in the US?
  • Breaking New Ground: California to Set New Lighting Standards