ASAP has launched a campaign to persuade the Biden administration to set new and updated federal standards for the energy efficiency of appliances and equipment. These standards would cut annual household utility bills by $230 by 2035 and reduce cumulative carbon emissions by three gigatons by 2050, which is equivalent to the emissions of about 25 coal-fired power plants over that period. Follow progress on the campaign with the appliance efficiency policy tracker below.  
Appliance Standards
Check out this video that shows how new and updated appliance efficiency standards can benefit us all. Raising the standards means lower utility bills and fewer emissions that hurt our health and planet.

Residential Products

Learn more about efficiency standards for products used in homes such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and clothes washers and dryers.
Residential Products

Commercial and Industrial Products

Learn more about efficiency standards for products used in commercial and industrial settings such as air conditioning, electric motors, pumps, and vending machines.
Commercial & Industrial Products

Lighting Products

Learn more about efficiency standards for lighting products used in residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications, both indoor and outdoor.
Lighting Products

Interactive Map

To view state benefits from federal appliance standards, click the link below.

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