Ceiling Fan Light Kits


A ceiling fan light kit (CFLK) is the lighting affixed to a ceiling fan. CFLKs are typically attached to the ceiling fan by the manufacturer and sold as a single unit, but CFLKs may also be sold separately for subsequent attachment to a ceiling fan.


The current standards for CFLKs took effect in 2020. The standards effectively require that all typical CFLKs (brightness equal to or greater than 120 lumens) utilize compact fluorescent or solid-state (e.g., LED) bulbs.

DOE initiated a rulemaking in 2021 to consider amended standards for CFLKs. 


As of 2020, nearly 90 million US households used at least one ceiling fan, most of which are shipped with CFLKs. Similar to common light bulbs, CFLK efficiency can be improved by using more efficient LED bulbs.

Savings through what year?: 2048
Energy saved (quads): .049
CO2 savings (million metric tons): 3.4
Net present value savings ($billion) 3% discount rate: .66
Net present value savings ($billion) 7% discount rate: .50


Federal Date States
Potential Effective Date of Updated Standard 2027
Updated DOE Standard Due 2024
2nd Federal Standard Effective 2019
Potential Effective Date of Updated Standard 2019
2nd Federal Standard Adopted (DOE) 2016
Updated DOE Standard Due 2016
Test Procedure - Last Revised - Active Mode 2015
2007 MD Standard Effective *
1st Federal Standard Effective 2007
1st Federal Standard Adopted (Congress) 2005
EPACT Initial Federal Legislation Enacted 2005
2005 NY Standard Adopted
2004 MD Standard Adopted

* State standard never went into effect due to preemption by federal standard.

States not showing an effective date have an ongoing rulemaking process to determine standards.

Timeline reflects state standards from 2001 to present; federal standards from inception to present.