Commercial Ovens


Commercial ovens are used in commercial kitchens and can be powered by either electricity or gas. Most commercial ovens are convection ovens.


Our recommended standard for commercial ovens is based on ENERGY STAR Version 2.2, which took effect in 2015 and requires that ovens meet a minimum cooking efficiency requirement and a maximum idle (or standby) energy rate. Convection ovens meeting ENERGY STAR Version 2.2 consume about 15% less energy than standard models.


In 2018, 60% of shipments of commercial ovens were ENERGY STAR qualified. States have yet to adopt standards for commercial ovens. 


Federal Date States
2023 NV Standard Effective
2023 RI Standard Effective
2022 MA Standard Effective
2021 RI Standard Adopted
2021 NV Standard Adopted
2021 MA Standard Adopted

Timeline reflects state standards from 2001 to present; federal standards from inception to present.