Compact Audio Equipment


Compact audio equipment includes only those integrated audio systems that have more than one of the following functions: radio tuner, tape player, CD player and MP3 player.


In 2004 California adopted standards for compact audio equipment, setting a maximum standby power level of 2 watts for compact audio products without an illuminated clock display and 4 watts for products with an illuminated clock display. The standards were adopted by New York in 2005 (though never set), Oregon in 2007 and Connecticut in 2011. DOE is not currently required to set standards for these products.


Federal Date States
2014 CT Standard Effective
2011 CT Standard Adopted
2009 OR Standard Effective
2007 OR Standard Adopted
2006 CA Standard Effective
2004 CA Standard Adopted

Timeline reflects state standards from 2001 to present; federal standards from inception to present.