Dedicated-purpose pool pump motors


Dedicated-purpose pool pump (DPPP) motors are used to power pool pumps. DPPP motors include motors up to 5 total horsepower (THP) used in residential and small commercial applications.


DOE finalized the first federal standards for DPPP motors in 2023, which require compliance starting September 29, 2025 for motors less than 0.5 THP or between 1.15 and 5 THP and September 28, 2027 for motors between 0.5 and 1.15 THP. The standards, which generally align with existing standards in California for replacement pool pump motors, require that all DPPP motors greater than 0.5 THP be variable-speed. DPPP motors less than 0.5 THP will need to meet a minimum motor efficiency requirement of 69%. 


Variable-speed motors can reduce the energy use of DPPPs by about two-thirds, as they can operate at a low speed most of the time while the pump is circulating water for filtration.


Federal Date States

Timeline reflects state standards from 2001 to present; federal standards from inception to present.