Gas fireplaces


Gas fireplaces (also known as hearth products) are gas-fired appliances that simulate a solid-fueled fireplace or provide a flame pattern. Gas fireplaces can be for heating or decorative purposes. 


There are currently no standards for gas fireplaces. In 2015, DOE proposed a design standard that would prohibit the use of standing pilot lights.

In 2021, Nevada adopted standards for gas fireplaces based on standards from Natural Resources Canada. 


DOE estimates that standing pilot lights represent about 40% of the total energy consumption of gas fireplaces. Many gas fireplaces already use electronic ignition—similar to what is used on gas ranges and ovens—eliminating the need for wasteful standing pilot lights.


Federal Date States
2023 NV Standard Effective
2023 RI Standard Effective
2021 RI Standard Adopted
2021 NV Standard Adopted

Timeline reflects state standards from 2001 to present; federal standards from inception to present.