Torchiere Lighting Fixtures


Torchiere lighting fixtures are generally floor lamps that aim light upward to bounce off the ceiling.  Originally most of these fixtures used very bright halogen lamps, but after well-publicized fire hazards, most fixtures now sold use either incandescent or CFLs or LEDs.


Several states adopted standards requiring torchiere lighting fixtures to use no more than 190 W.  The intent was to encourage use of CFL fixtures while permitting incandescent fixtures using less than 190 W.  The Energy Policy Act of 2005 made this same standard a national standard, effective January 2006. Torchiere fixtures cannot be capable of using more than 190 W, meaning that some type of shutoff must be employed to turn the lights off if more than 190 W are used.

Note: The DOE website contains a Frequently Asked Questions document and interpretative guidance on what constitutes a torchiere.



Federal Date States
2008 AZ Standard Effective *
2007 WA Standard Effective *
2007 NJ Standard Effective *
2007 RI Standard Effective *
2007 OR Standard Effective *
2006 CT Standard Effective *
1st Federal Standard Effective 2006
2005 MD Standard Effective
1st Federal Standard Adopted (Congress) 2005
EPACT Initial Federal Legislation Enacted 2005
2005 WA Standard Adopted
2005 NJ Standard Adopted
2005 AZ Standard Adopted
2005 RI Standard Adopted
2005 OR Standard Adopted
2005 NY Standard Adopted
2004 CT Standard Adopted
2004 MD Standard Adopted
2003 CA Standard Effective
2002 CA Standard Adopted

* State standard never went into effect due to preemption by federal standard.

States not showing an effective date have an ongoing rulemaking process to determine standards.

Timeline reflects state standards from 2001 to present; federal standards from inception to present.