2008 Leading The Way Update


Project Overview

ASAP and ACEEE's March 2006 report, Leading the Way: Continued Opportunities for New State Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards, showed how states have led the nation to improved energy efficiency and identified additional products for which new state energy-saving standards make sense. In 2007 Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), which introduced legislation that created federal standards on thirteen new products, several of which were recommended in our 2006 report. Our 2008 update goes beyond the recently enacted national standards, providing the technical information and impact analysis needed for states interested in saving more energy with new product standards. The 2008 update highlights eight products that are not currently covered by federal standards. For each recommended standard we provide detailed information on the product, market and the specifc technical standard.

Note: The state-by-state tables, which are updated annually, include energy consumption and dollar savings estimates, as well as estimates on avoided emissions and peak load capacity reductions. To get the savings for your state or to discuss state standards, please contact mdimascio@standardsasap.org.

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