House-Passed Appliances Bill Would Cost Consumers


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The Appliance Standards Awareness Project issued the following statement from Andrew deLaski, its executive director, in response to the U.S. House of Representatives passing H.R. 6192, the Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act:

“Energy efficiency standards make the household products we use every day better and more efficient, while saving consumers money. 

“This bill would enable a future administration to undo existing standards, opening the gates for low-quality products that cost an arm and a leg to run. Consumers would pay the costs, and the only beneficiaries would be companies selling appliances with outdated, low-performing technology. This has no chance of becoming law this year, but it’s a threat for the future.” 


H.R. 6192, the Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act, would enable the Department of Energy (DOE) in a future administration to revoke existing standards that lower consumer costs. The legislation would also make it much harder for DOE to improve appliance efficiency by prohibiting standards that increase the upfront cost of an appliance by one penny, regardless of the magnitude of utility bill savings from increased efficiency. Additionally, it would create confusion by duplicating long-standing principles (already included in existing law) meant to ensure competitive markets and guarantee that regulated appliances perform their intended tasks well. 

A Morning Consult poll in 2023 found that nearly three in five adults support stronger efficiency standards. 


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