Powerful Priorities: Updating Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential Furnaces, Commercial Air Conditioners, and Distribution Transformers


September 23, 2004 – ASAP released a new report today documenting what's at stake in the current DOE rulemakings for new national energy efficiency standards for furnaces and boilers, commercial air conditioners and distribution transformers. A key report finding is that each year of delay in finalizing these standards locks in years of higher energy use and costs consumers and businesses billions of dollars in higher energy bills.

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Table A-1.  State Benefits from Revised Efficiency Standards for Residential Furnaces and Boilers

Table A-2.  State Benefits from Revised Efficiency Standards for Commercial Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps (65,000 to 240,000 Btu/hour)

Table A-3.  State Benefits from New Efficiency Standards for Distribution Transformers

Table A-4.  State Benefits from Three Priority New or Revised Efficiency Standards