Report Overview: Energy-Savings States of America: How Every State Benefits from National Appliance Standards


How Every State Benefits from National Appliance Standards

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Authors: Andrew deLaski and Joanna Mauer
February 2017
An ASAP and ACEEE White Paper

National product standards apply to many of the most common devices that consume energy and water, assuring consumers and businesses that their purchases will meet a minimum level of efficiency performance. This white paper provides up-to-date estimates of the benefits of national efficiency standards for consumers and businesses in each state and for the United States as a whole.

The average American family saved nearly $500 on utility bills in 2015 due to efficiency standards for appliances, lighting, and plumbing products. Average household savings, by state, ranged from 11% to 27% of total consumer utility bills, with a national average of 16%. Businesses also saved. Total business utility bill savings from standards reached nearly $23 billion in 2015. Business energy bill savings equaled 8% of total business spending on electricity and natural gas. Many standards also save water: National water savings in 2015 reached 1.5 trillion gallons, enough to meet the needs of all the households in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Colorado combined.